Misadventures of the Malefic Halitosia

Whitedove 1

Psychic anomalies

Malefic Halitosia Weather Psychic Reading Report and Unusual Matters, 07/05/42016.
(Caution Signs on all Data Slates and Advertising Screens)
The readings of Pysker Activity on board Malefic Halitosia has risen dramatically over the last week. These sorts of activities have been reported in the past and have been related to mutual induction interference of our powerful onboard generators and oxygen filters. The Emperor has also requested onboard ship maintenance testing of our Titanforge Lance Battery too. But I sense this is not the case with the latest readings I have sensed, and I strongly believe there may be several Astropath Transcendents and Pyskers onboard practicing their Pysker Darklordish Disciplines.
The ongoing bad dreams and light sleep experience by all onboard may be related to the Void Storms our ship have encountered over our journey from Port Wander. The bad sense of direction and orientation experienced by our Pilot Red #24007 and the critical misses made by our Gunners during the ambush from the Wolfpack Raider Ships yesterday will also be linked somehow.
Kraal our loyal and highly skilled Medicae Elite is not himself, whilst installing some Bionic Legs he simply forgot how to wield his scalpel and cancelled the surgery.
Red #7864 reported he sighted a glowing white creature on the stern, some say it was a dragon, others a mechanical bird. Our ship’s crew have not seen such thing in many decades. I have read some literacy and checked with Red #7864, he pointed to a flying bird like animal, called a Dove.
In other news and reports of other unusual matters; soup that is too hot, hand basin taps being statically charged, purple decorations rumored to be signs of Pysker rituals or simply mourning the death of the music Princey, a small child broke his nose, a mother of one dating again, our kickball sports team practicing formations and set pieces virtually and lastly internet upgrades soon to be in effect.
Our ship’s population’s behaviors have become very unusual and I hope to soon find the cause of these tainted outcomes.
I would like all onboard to exercise caution on when dealing with any strange suspected Psyker activity and would recommend calming fleeing and reporting it to your friendly neighborhood Protective Officer.
Red #4, Psychic Reader, Shop 13A Astropathic Arcade, Malefic Halitosia.

(Diary entry from Whitedove the Tainted Darklord)
Today the powers have increased dramatically and the weather has been super unpredictable. The meditation has been assisting the practicing of the disciplines but the Willpower has not been enough to deal with the great increase in the strength of the Telekinetic Discipline Powers I now wield.
Whitedove, 06/05/42016.



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