Misadventures of the Malefic Halitosia

Session 2

Lost in space

(From the personal logs of an unnamed crew member)

Five pairs of bionic legs arrived just as Malefic Halitosia was about to leave in pursuit of Had Fel.

Red attempted navigation and failed. Time passes and he eventually fumbled his way through it. (Where was Aurelius?) Took a lot longer than expected so there was enough downtime for Kraal to install bionic legs on both Hark and Ragnar.
Leto also finished upgrading his trusty Storm bolter aka the Legapitator.

We ran across a crippled ship. Whitedove telepathically contacted them (normal comms wasn’t working) and they alerted us of nearby Wolfpack raiders. We tripped a leech mine (slowed us way down), and 2 raiders revealed themselves.

Combat ensues but it was weird, ineffective, and ended in the Raiders fleeing as they realized they couldn’t harm us.

We boarded the crippled ship, arranged for transfer of its 20,000 pilgrims to our ship in exchange for 1/2 salvage rights. We then navigated to Footfall.

Footfall. A number of acquisitions were made but only Leto succeeded with a bionic lung for himself.

Hark delivered the map dude’s books to the recipient. He perused them first and found REDACTED accounts of REDACTED concerning REDACTED REDACTED.

We asked around about Had Fel but got nothing so we resumed journey.

(Kraal attempted to install bionic legs for Leto but failed even with the expenditure of a fate point)

We arrived at Domaris (?) and noted that the moon had several ruins and a ship wreckage, and that the ruins were collecting some kind of energy and shooting/transferring them to the planet proper.

We sent a field team who identified the ship wreck as orcish (but no loot). We investigated the ruins but found nothing further.



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