Misadventures of the Malefic Halitosia

Leto 3

Upgrade path

The beep woke Leto up. He checked the readouts: two minor nerve anomalies and zero incompatibilities. So, type 2 to 7 would be ideal, type 1 is acceptable and forget the rest. He updated his req parameters accordingly.

He checked Hark’s as well, still the same, the only difference being that a type 8 would be acceptable for his forge world mate.

More pain. More stimm. Leto considered removing the nerves, but procedure advised against nerve removal prior to implantation as the body, that weak, inconstant flesh, cannot adapt.

Fine. He would endure. Soon enough pain would just be a system alert that he could mute. First his legs, which would bring additional mobility as a bonus, then his arms, perhaps, or maybe the heart.

He checked the implantator again. Soon.



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