Misadventures of the Malefic Halitosia

Leto 1

Efficient use of time

Kraal completed the injection and muttered something to the attending medic. He left without another word.
Leto sent the medic away and scoured his todo list for a task he can do from the medbay. He tapped into vox and dialled Hex.
“Has the loot arrived?”
“You’re hexing. And no binary, either. I’m not a servitor.”
“My apologies. They are being sorted right now.”
“Two on the guns and one on a bead.”
“Any pending reqs on them?”
“Req the three. Run safeties and route them to me. I also need you to assist.”
A brief pause. “Req approved. I will be there with your portables in 27.”

Leto shifted uncomfortably. He interfaced with the medbay cogitators. The machine spirit was restless. He wired in a short rite to calm them. 21 minutes. Time enough. He ran some diagnostics before checking the progress of the implantators. A few weeks from full operation, it seemed. Servitor tests next week. Not mechadendrites, though, not yet, not for a while.

-1 minutes. Hex was late.

Hot pain surged through Leto’s body. More stimm needed. By Omnissiah, the flesh is weak. That implantator couldn’t come online soon enough.

“I apologise for my lateness,” Hex interrupted Leto’s thoughts. The enginseer started setting up the portable workshop. Leto inspected the first gun. Laser sight, not forge world, poor craftsmanship. Leto disassembled the sight with no trouble. The work felt good, felt smooth. He looked up and noticed a smile on Hex’s face.
“You have surpassed me,” he said.
Leto smiled. “A testament to your tutelage.”
“And the Omnissiah’s blessing.”
“Of course,” Leto said. The second gun had a motion predictor. Unfortunately it was melted to uselessness. Hellpistol fire, most likely. Leto disassembled it anyway, and salvaged a partial casing. Good for practice.
“How’s the upgrades?”
“For your workshop? It was completed yesterday. While you were away.”
“Have it prepped for gear mods. I predict hostile events ahead. Well, more hostile than usual.” Leto inspected the bead. “I can’t figure this one out.”
“It’s modded,” Hex said. “But not sure how. I’ll have it analysed.”
“No, I’ll do it myself. Send it to the workshop. And fetch me that slate. I might need to acquisition some parts.”
“I will advise the seneschal,” Hex said. “Anything else?”
Leto shook his head. Hex picked up the bead, bowed slightly, and left.



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