Misadventures of the Malefic Halitosia

Aurelius 2

Red, the first of his name

Gareths small servo motors whirred softly as he hovered along, his flexible manipulator arms at the controls of the hovercart.
He maneuvered the cart into the incinerator, disengaged from the controls and navigated his way back to the incinerator control room where he promptly deactivated the fail safe mechanism and the incinerator roared into firey life.

Upon the hover cart within the crate Red had already given up screaming and hadn’t even bothered trying to force his way out of the crate, he knew their strong and sturdy design as much as he knew his was feeble. He uttered a prayer.

Within moments the crate was reduced to ashes which were immediately ejected into space.
No trace.

Aurelius welcomed Gareth back into his chamber – a most pleasing servant in life Gareth continued to prove himself loyal even in death. He reactived the security measures he had disabled.
Leaned back in his chair and accepted the martini that Gareth offered.



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