Misadventures of the Malefic Halitosia

Aurelius 1

The secrets within

The room is ill-lit by tiny points of light emitted by miscellaneous tech and several small lights in wall sconces of a design lost to ancient antiquity.
The dim light plays across furnishings and objects of finery and incredible wealth.
Yet the figure sat in the shadows shows no signs of trouble negotiating the darkness, he has “the dark sight” as its commonly known. A mutation affected on him by his dealings with the warp, a most helpful deviation from the norm of humanity allowing him to see in total darkness as if it was broad daylight.
Yet he stares beyond the room. In deep thought.
Aurelius rises from the extravagant chair.
He strides to the back of his chamber, activates a hidden panel opening up a passageway to another chamber.
This chamber is the polar opposite of the other, completely devoid of wealthy trappings. It is spartan containing a simple single plasteel bed, desk and chair.
On the desk rests the book laden satchel which the map maker begged they dispose of.
The clasp is undone and the bag lays half open.
He sits down.
Ignorance breeds fear and many unknowns are labelled heresy.
Aurelius will not be ignorant and he shall not fear for he knows knowledge is power.

He opens a book…



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