Misadventures of the Malefic Halitosia

Leto 4


Leto listened patiently. Mikhail was always chatty right after his weekly meeting with Gareth and the other servo skulls. What exactly do servo skulls talk about when they get together? Sick hover grav tricks? Whose master was the most annoying? The latest in embedded skull accessories?

“1,” Leto agreed absently, his attention on the config console.

^ Default(3) if (no command) loop(search_priority[hostiles, unknowns, envhazard, loot];; auspex:standard, awareness:enabled
if(Risk>203) analyze_paths > tactical_retreat(maneuverArray[Leto37, Leto22]);; auspex:combat, awareness:enabled

“0. 0100011?” Leto mumbled. Now for the most important addition to the config.

_on_event (KraalThreas.flamer.changeOrientation) then calculateAOE(KraalTheas.flamer) > FLYTOTHEOPPOSITEDIRECTIONRIGHTAWAY;;auspex:KraalTheas, awareness:flamer

mikConf> Commit?




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