Misadventures of the Malefic Halitosia

Bob 1


The captain was moving, the pistol appearing before he was even fully awake. The alarm trilled the second time as his free hand reached down to turn it off. His eyes continued to scan his private bedroom to ensure it was just the alarm that had awoken him.

The room with its collection of books, artifacts and two chandeliers was a large space. Various alcoves were dedicated to various study topics that were of interest to the Captain at that time.

He padded over to his meditation space. Kneeling down he, he composed his mind, working on clearing it entirely. It had been a busy day yesterday, a lot of questions and worries tumbling about, interspaced with last night’s session with that new personnel aid that was probably still asleep outside in the main cabin bedroom. Thoughs of the expanse and challanges ahead fliwed into the darkness of space. Finally just darkness or was it not even that. Ahh, peace for a moment.

Meditation a success, Bob looked at the old clock, exactly 30 minutes since he started. Just enough time to get 30 minutes of tumbling, exercises and swinging from one chandelier to another. Thank the Emperor he saw that crazy nut of a zelot swing that stupid fire spitter towards him before the trigger was pulled, that could have seriously messed up his hair! Lucky he was decent medic, a better target for the crew to dislike and hell, as long as he did point the bloody thing at him, fun to watch the zelot flame away.

Exercise over, a quick check of the reports. The Cheng (cheif engineer) was up and operational – good. Bob wondered what crazy stuff would vome out of the new workshop. Other key crew were good. Secret projects progressing well, must divert that nosy spy master from that hidden room this week.

Showered and changed, the Captain slipped into his persona with the addition of the cod piece. Truely they believed the image of the woman chasing clown. Ah the price of protection – still it was a fun persona to have with some great fringe benefits! Game face on, he left his prive rooms and began another day.



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